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Mobile Building Services (MBS)

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Mobile Building Services (MBS)

Mobile Building Services (MBS): Room operation, room reservation and Indoor Navigation via app

SAUTER Mobile Building Services (MBS) is a SAUTER Cloud solution that is offered for various applications for buildings and premises. In combination with the Mobile Room Control (MRC) app available for smartphones and tablets, it can control room conditions in apartment, hotel and office buildings. The easy-to-use app – even from outside the room or building – and the related user comfort help fulfil the requirements of planners and builders for a state-of-the-art building. In addition, reservations for meeting rooms, mobile workstations, parking spaces or equipment items (assets) can be made. Of course, e-mail invitations can be made directly from the MRC app including room reservations. Guests outside the organisation also receive temporarily valid access codes for the meeting period.

With the integrated Indoor Navigation, employees and guests can be navigated to the corresponding meeting rooms or mobile workstations. The navigation path with the current location is called up directly in the MRC app or from the invitation itself.


  • Connects the local building management, including the integral room automation, with the room operation via smartphone or tablet

  • Control of lighting, temperature, window blinds and ventilation (depending on the building equipment)

  • Direct access to information such as caretaker services, cafeteria schedule and other information

  • Direct notification from the MRC app of caretaker services and other services such as comfort notifications, repair and cleaning requests, meeting room beverage orders, hotel and boarding house service requests

  • Reservations for meeting rooms, mobile workstations, parking spaces or equipment items (assets)

  • E-mail invitations including reservations directly from the MRC app

  • Guest invitations: Sending temporary access codes for the agreed meeting period

  • Integrated Indoor Navigation for employees and guests via MRC app

  • Access and rights management via unique access codes for each device based on user profiles and dedicated room assignments

  • Room identification and user access via iBeacon badges for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android)

  • Perfect for use in office buildings with meeting rooms and mobile workstations, hotels with business facilities, suites and rooms, as well as upscale apartment buildings

  • High level of security and up-to-date functionality thanks to Microsoft Azure technology

  • MRC app available free of charge in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

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