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RCP 10, 11

How energy efficiency is improved
Enables the implementation of individually optimised controls for maximum efficiency in pneumatic installations.

Areas of application
Pneumatic control in ventilation and air-conditioning equipment of temperature, pressure, pressure differential, humidity and flow rate in combination with appropriate transducers.

  • PI fixed-value controller
  • PI fixed-value/schedule controller
  • Controllers can be used universally for the most varied of applications
  • Housing, rack and front doors made of thermoplastic
  • Suitable for wall or panel mounting
  • Functional description and commissioning help inserted in front door
  • Front panel with adjusters and 3 covered recesses for plug-in pressure gauge (XMP) making commissioning easier
  • Setpoint adjuster XS adjustable manually with scales for all Centair ranges
  • All settings very easy to make with coin and % scale
  • M4 measuring connections, control action adjustable (delivered with control action B)
  • Rp 1/8" female thread
  • Complies with directive 97/23/EC Art. 3.3 on pressure equipment

Technical description
  • Supply pressure 1.3 bar ± 0.1
  • Easily accessible adjusters for XS (setpoint), XP4 (P range), Tn (reset time), E (influence) and FF (schedule start point)
  • Inputs for:
    • remote setpoint adjustment
    • controlled variable
    • command variable
  • Outputs for:
    • output pressure for dampers or valve actuator
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