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Dupli_ SAUTER BACnet/SC-Router receives BACnet Conformance Certificate

16 januari 2024 | media releases

Dupli_ SAUTER BACnet/SC-Router receives BACnet Conformance Certificate

The BACnet router modu630-RT has been BTL-certified. This certification underscores SAUTER’s commitment to industry-leading solutions and highlights the BACnet/SC router’s compliance with the latest advancements introduced in revision 1.24 of the BACnet standard.

In 2023, SAUTER launched a BACnet/SC router (modu630-RT) as hardware for expanding existing BACnet installations to include encrypted communication. The BACnet/SC extension is based on security standards from IT, such as TLS 1.3, elliptic curve cryptography and mutual authentication. The BACnet/SC router can also take on the function of the BACnet/SC primary hub or the BACnet/SC failover hub in a BACnet/SC network. The modu630-RT incorporates the latest advancements brought by Revision 24 of the BACnet standard. These enhancements specifically focus on improving the representation and configuration of network settings related to BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC).

The 3 highlights of the BTL Certification

  • Support of multiple BACnet data link layers
    The modu630-RT router complies with the BACnet standard, supporting both BACnet/IP and BACnet/SC data link layers. This dual-layer support ensures versatile connectivity within building automation systems, offering seamless integration and enhanced communication capabilities.
  • Enhanced Interoperability:
    The certification confirms interoperability with BTL-certified devices from other manufacturers.
  • Commitment to Security:
    SAUTER recognises the paramount importance of secure communication in building networks. The BTL certification reinforces the modu630-RT’s capabilities in providing a secure and robust solution for BACnet communication.

What the BACnet/SC router can do for your installation

The modu630-RT router from SAUTER serves as a pivotal component in building automation networks. It can be used to realise projects with native secure communication or to migrate common BACnet/IP installations by providing a secure communication channel for integration. With its newly acquired BTL certification, it not only meets industry standards but also positions itself as a reliable and secure choice for those seeking advanced BACnet solutions.

SAUTER modulo 6 automation system is unequalled in terms of performance, data points, memory space and processing speed. The complete modulo 6 portfolio of building controllers is BTL-certified ensuring interoperability and compatibility with other BACnet devices.

All BTL-certified products from SAUTER are officially registered on the following website:

Download BACnet certificate

Download media release



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